Private Investigation Training

Why Choose Us?

Harris Security is a licensed Private Investigator training provider that offers an online version of the ministry mandated Private Investigators License training course, as administered by professional and experienced instructors to assist you throughout the way.

Online Training - How it Works

Purchase the spring special course rate below for $179.99 + tax. A designated online instructor will be personally assigned to you to assist you throughout the program.

Download the training course materials from our website. Study the course materials at your own pace. There is no set time fro how long the course should take to complete, but you will need to complete a minimum of 50 hrs. Your designated instructor will be in touch with you regularly to help with your progress and answer any questions you may have.

Write our exam which includes 70 multiple choice and true false questions to complete our course and ensure you are ready for the ministry exam.

Complete the Ministry Private Investigators exam once you have successfully completed our course and we have informed the Ministry of your eligibility to write the final exam, which costs $60 plus tax, consists of 60 multiple choice questions, and is held at various stations across Ontario

Ontario Security Training

Ottawa In-Class Training

The above course can also be completed at our physical Ottawa office classroom. Courses are generally help on weekends until the 50 hours of work has been competed by each student. An in class instructor will guide the class in completing the programmed teaching topics. To register for the next available class, please call 613-726-6713 or contact us.

Our training office is located at:

2720 Queensview Drive

Ottawa, ON

K2B 1A5


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We pride ourselves on going above and beyond just the course materials. We give you a personalized experience with real life examples, and skill training beyond what is mandated. Our students have told us that our training not only prepares them to be Private Investigators, but also teaches them important skills they can carry through to just about any career.